2) Stoker

What is Thermoblock ?

  • It distributes the air homogeneously in the combustion furnace thanks to its special design
  • The double walled furnace allows the furnace area to cool and heat the combustion air. The warmed combustion air causes the burning of the coal easier and 15% more efficient combustion is achieved.
  • The oven slabs consist of 60 pieces of special pig alloy castings. Cracking of the oven due to stresses caused by heat exchanges is prevented.
  • The holes on the grid slices were placed more frequently. The airbag between the grill and the fuel creates combustion on all surfaces of the grill. By using the combustion air in the best way, the combustion efficiency has become to 95%.
  • As the fuels dispense and mixer motor reducer is separate, dispense and mixer settings can be adjusted precisely and independently. This makes the coal more efficient and saves energy.
  • Mixer ends are made of 18/10 / Cr / Ni alloy and of heat resistant material. The mixer blades have two separate parts, so they can be adjusted according to the fuel and the diameter of the hob.

Modular Stoker
  • Modular stoker has automatic feeder and automatic ash removal. The ash-throw-arm works simultaneously with the mixer.It is user-friendly because the maintenance interval is longer.
  • As the accumulation of ash does not occur in the modular stoker, there is no boiler deformation; the stirrer arm and the agitator become longer lasting.