3) Main Fan

What is Thermoblock ?

  • The main fan is manufactured from aluminium plate. So a product in the same volume and made from sheet metal is 3 times thinner than the fan, which reduces the load on the motor. Motor start-up amp is lower and saves energy.
  • Radial fan runs quietly. So it is prevented that the first chicks are gathering in front of the suction tube due to the sound. Reduced noise and loudness increases the rate of feed utilization by reducing stress in chicks.
  • Radial fan working principle, there is no loss of air flow as it leaves the air taken from the centre circumferentially. This is different from axial fans and in this case the air sucked from the fans is sent to the boiler in order to cool the boiler.
  • Designed for 1000 rpm engines (rotation per minute). Low-speed fan reduces energy losses. So that more pressurized air is sent to the chamber.

 Fans made of metal, metal fans, and galvanized fans’ surfaces are roughened by corrosion in poultry houses, in the acid environments and after each washing cycle in a short period of time. This will increases the friction and reduces the amount of air and increases the load on the motor.