PROV75 Thermoblock

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PROV75 Thermoblock


  • 5-18 mm sized launder coal, palette, olive pomace, olive seeds, nutshell, wood shavings, bonito pulp and various fruit seeds can be used as fuel. 
  • With digital thermostat the ambient heat, boiler heat and outline can be controlled. 
  • When the ambient temperature reaches the desired level it stops the fuel supply and mixer system. 
  • The whole system can be controlled manually if necessary.
  • Through the digital flashers on the panel, the fuel and mixer settings can be adjusted with the most precise.
  • The boiler is taken to sleep with the flash of time. 
  • Silent working improves feed utilization by reducing stress in chicks. 
  • Each part can be changed independently because it is modular. 
  • As long as the coal feed is done regularly, it can work for days without problems and prevents unnecessary energy usage. 
  • It can workfully efficient and functionally in all weather conditions.
  • Because the air supply and the exhaust outlet are out of the poultry house, the oxygen in the poultry house does not burn down and the coop does not transmit carbon gases and ensures that the air in the poultry remains clean. 

  • Chicken and turkey coop
  • Greenhouse
  • Fruit and vegetable drying
  • Drying of bay leaf
  • Heating of large areas requiring heat such as saloon, factory
Electricity Consumption
Capacity kcal / hour Fuel propulsion reducer Mixer reducer Combustion fan motor Outline fan motor Total
350.000 0,37 0,37 0,37 5,5 6,61
500.000 0,37 0,37 0,75 7,5 8,99
Capacity kcal / hour Coal 5000 kcal / Kg
350.000 31,11
500.000 44,44

Thermoblock Measurements

Capacity kcal / hour A B C D E F G H
350.000 130 165 125 290 215 240 195 260
500.000 145 170 140 310 230 250 225 270
Soil Concrete Measurements

Capacity kcal / hour K M Thickness
350.000 350 350 10-15
500.000 370 370 10-15
Weight Table
Capacity kcal / hour Boiler Kg Stoker Kg Outline fan Kg
350.000 800 350 180
500.000 1200 380 250
Hot Air Flow
Capacity kcal / hour m³ /h mm/ss
350.000 18.720 70
500.000 21.600 80
  •  In horizontal and tubular thermoblocksthe ash accumulation heat transfer coefficient decreases in a short time on the smoke paths, consequently, the flue gas temperature rises excessively, thereby reducing the total efficiency and increasing the fuel consumption and the life of the boiler is reduced depending on the cleanliness. 
  • The ash accumulation on the smoke paths has been reduced to a minimum level in our patented orthogonal exchangerthermoblocks, which is the original design of our company. Since there is no soiling or pollution on the walls of the smoke path, the cleaning interval exceeds 1 month on average. Due to the same reason, the life of this thermoblock is longer than those of the horizontal ones. 
  • Our orthogonal exchanger thermoblocks are made as half-circular combustion chamber to absorb the thermal expansion. Due to the inclined arrangement of the exchanger, the flue gas is uniformly distributed across all channels. Since the heat transfer rate does not decrease by using the heat transfer surface area at the top level, it is an economical and energy-smart machine. 
  • In our upright thermoblocks, air ducts are streamlined and manufactured in aerodynamic form, with minimized friction resistance. For this reason, the total efficiency is over 90% since it transports more air with less electricity than horizontal thermoblocks. 
  •  Such as dust in the air, adheres to the surfaces of the air channels over time and increases resistance to air passage, as well as creates resistance to heat transfer, which causes both material deformation and unnecessary fuel consumption. The air ducts of our upright thermoblocks are designed to be easily washed and cleaned with pressurized water. So that the conditions in the environment will be the least damaging to the boiler. 
  • Upright thermoblocks are the original design of our company and are designed for you, our customers, to obtain maximum efficiency with minimum fuel and electricity.