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Thermo Block That Produces High Temperature For Drying and Electrostatic Paint Stoves

Our highly efficient thermo blocks which can be easily mounted on electrostatic paint ovens and drying machines are produced in three standard types with 350-650-1000 kwh capacity or more as to the needs.

Technical Features:

    • Automatic fuel feed according to the required exit temperature
    • Automatic ash evacuation mechanism
    • 5 - 18 mm sized granule fuel burner with stoker which can use every kind of fuel
    • Fuel transfer and ash evacuation system which can act independently
    • 80% thermal yield in drying stoves which exhaust the whole drying air while producing 70% thermal yield in electrostatic paint stoves
    • Authentic design of our company which can produce 250 C temperature
    • Multifunctional control panel equipped with high quality digital thermostats
      • Long term use without thermal deformation thanks to original projects and design.

      Maximum Fuel Consumption When the Equipment Runs In Full Capacity

      Capacity kwh Air Amount m3/Hour Calorie of The Fuel Kg-Kw Ambient Temperature C Exit Air Temperature C Mak. Yakıt Tüketimi Kg-Saat
      350 4500 4500 20 250 72
      650 8400 4500 20 250 133
      1000 12900 4500 20 250 203
          • All the products of our company are under guarantee for two years against the production errors.
          • The company guarantees to provide spare parts of all products for 10 years for a certain fee.