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Granule Fuel Burner with Stoker

These burners which have authentic designs
Technical Features

    • It burns taking the fuel onto airbag. For this reason, burning yield is above 90% while CO rate is under 250 ppm since the fuel is exposed to air with all its surfaces. It is an ideal solution for central flats or companies which do not have emission report due to the environmental legislation. These burners can easily be mounted on existing boilers.
        • It is an ideal burner for all granule solid fuels which have sizes between 5 mm and 18 mm.
        • The stove is multifunctional with a handle which spreads the fuel environmentally while the other two handles enable to extract out the ashes under the stove. Thanks to these handles burning system can continue to operate for a long time without an operator intervention. When it is used according to the instructions, these handles never get any harm from the fire.
        • The grid which forms the burning pit is pig casted and can be used for a long time.

      Capacity and Measures of Our Burners with Stoker

      Code Used Boiler Capacity Stove Diameter Furnace Inner Diameter Furnace Outer Diameter Height Length Width Fuel Burning Capacity kg/hour
      STK.55 100200 55 75 85 55 150 35 50
      STK.65 250350 65 85 95 55 165 35 85
      STK.75 400650 75 95 105 55 180 35 125
      STK.85 700900 85 100 115 75 200 55 160
      STK.100 9501150 100 130 150 75 220 55 220
      STK.130 11501500 130 160 190 75 250 55 300
              • Since production parts are completely manufactured  CNC counters and with cutting and drilling molds, your boiler operators can change the spare parts without any need to call technical service. 
              • All the products of our company are under guarantee for two years against the production errors.
              • The company guarantees to provide spare parts of all products for 10 years for a certain fee.